Three Provocations for Socialist Studies

Below please find the video from the plenary for the 50th Anniversary of Socialist Studies held at Ryerson University. I as asked to speak at this and my three provocations are 18:14 minutes in. The video can be found at:

Socialist Studies 50th Anniversary Plenary:

Socialism Historically and Today

Toronto – 1 June 2017

This year, the Society for Socialist Studies (SSS) turns fifty, and celebrated its anniversary at its annual conference at Congress 2017, hosted by Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario from May 30 – June 2, 2017.

The theme of the Conference for 2017 was “Liberation Here and Now: Continuity and Change in Socialist Studies at 50 Years and Beyond.” Diverging from the Congress theme, “From Far and Wide: The Next 150,” the SSS called upon participants to fundamentally ‘trouble’ Project Canada, to celebrate past and future resistances and solidarities, and to engage in dialogue on how to get to a decolonized praxis and collective liberation here and now.

The Committee on Socialist Studies was formed in 1967 at the Learned Societies Conference (now called the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences) at Carleton University in Ottawa. Its current activities can be found at

The Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies is published at

A history of the Society for Socialist Studies can be found here: “Society for Socialist Studies: The Early Years, 1967 – 1978.” Also, see “Roundtable on the History of the Society of Socialist Studies.”

“Socialism Historically and Today: A Panel of Three-Minute Interventions” was introduced and moderated by Abbie Bakan (OISE/University of Toronto), and Elaine Coburn (Glendon/York University). Participants:

  • Dorothy Smith, University of Victoria
  • Grace-Edward Galabuzi, Ryerson University
  • Ken Collier, Athabasca University
  • Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University
  • Gary Kinsman, Laurentian University
  • Ingo Schmidt, Athabasca University
  • Sandra Rein, University of Alberta
  • Isabelle Altamirano-Jimanez, University of Alberta
  • William K. Carroll, University of Victoria
  • Meg Luxton, York University

This was recorded at the Society for Socialist Studies congress 2017, visit their channel.